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Free Human Design body graph
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the gifts and unique expressions
of your body, mind and soul

I’m here if you wish to dive deeper into the understanding of your Human Design, Astrology and Gene Keys (på Svenska / or in English). Read more below and welcome to connect with me at: kaliana@kalianaastrology.com

“I can warmly recommend working with Kaliana. I am amazed of how deeply the session worked for me. I experienced that she weaved together the different quite complex systems and unfolded them in a simple and down to earth way. That helped me to understand my self in a deeper way, how my body and being is built, so that I can meet myself with more compassion and love. 

The day after the session I had a breakthrough and I know that the wisdom that was enlightened during and after the session was a part of that.”

A magical journey of self discovery

To embrace our most authentic,

empowered and unique

self expression

Embodying our Divinity

Astrology, Gene Keys & Human Design sessions

på Svenska / or in English

The sky holds a mirror for us to uncover all our gifts, talents, challenges and life purpose. To help us embody our full potential and in the most beneficial way, live out our souls evolution, with loving presence, for the benefit of all. 

The moment of our birth also holds the information on how to best support ourselves during our lives challenges. Without struggle, how could we ever evolve and grow. What if in the shadows of your life therein lies a hidden gift?

Through the merging of astrology, the ancient wisdom of the I Ching, from which Human Design and Gene Keys originates, we take a deep dive into your genetic makeup and uncover how you can best support yourself and embrace all of your talents and gifts, with more presence clarity and joy.

It would be my honor to assist you on your journey of uncovering the depths of your life purpose and strengthening your own authentic self expression, so thatyou confidently can share your gifts with the world, in your unique way. We will discover how you can navigate your life with more ease, inner embodiment and felt sense of self-empowerment. By turning our gaze inwards, contemplate presence and align inner essence with outer life. Remembering that our breath is our anchor, into this moment now, for loving awareness and purpose to bloom.

I model the foundation of The Gene Keys wisdom, The Art of Contemplation, a gentle journey for embodied presence. I am here to support you with whatever best suits your current situation. From my wide toolkit of embodiment practices, somatic movement and craniosacral therapy principles, mindfulness, stress management (how to regulate our nervous system), everything to support you in integrating and embodying your gifts and live your life in a way that feel most enriching and loving for you.

An 1 hour session is 100 euro

Payment through Swish or PayPal. Sessions are held on Phone/What’s App

.To book an 1 hour session email your birth date with time and location to: kaliana@kalianaastrology.com

I will come back to you for scheduling a time for our call. Let me know if you have any time preferences.

Just reach out if you have any further questions. I would love to connect:


Let’s rise together in love <3

About Kaliana

On my own journey of uncovering the path of my soul, to live a healthier and more fulfilled life, I early on understood that astrology was a big part of my calling. My own Saturn return initiated me to leave my old corporate work and life behind, in search of a deeper meaning with life. Since then I have immersed myself in both embodiment practices such as mindfulness, yoga, somatic movement and craniosacral therapy, as well as always studying the sky and the impact our natal chart have on our lives. Finding ways to support the souls journey of transformation and embodiment of our life purpose and authentic expression.

My astrological background lies within studies of evolutionary astrology with Steven Forrest and Mark Jones, with whom I took my astrologer certification. I am in deep Gratitude to their work and I also want to send Gratitude to my first traditional astrology teachers Demetra George and Chani Nicholas, along with Astrology University for hosting the majority of my educational programs. 

Our time of birth uncover what lies within our full potential for this lifetime and also shows how to best support ourselves during our lives initiations. On my search for a more holistic world view I found the merging of astrology with the ancient wisdom of I ching incredibly profound. From the teachings of Ra Uru Hu, Human Design, and Richard Rudd, Gene Keys. I am a certified Gene Keys guide and have studied with many Human Design teachers along the years and immersed myself in written and video teachings from its founder Ra Uru Hu (whom past away in 2011). Jovian Archive is the home of all the teachings he left behind <3

It would be my honor to assist you on your journey as you uncover the depths of your life purpose, talents and gifts and support you, as a friend on your own unique journey of self discovery. And whenever life feels though, remember, that every shadow always holds the gift and just like the seed needs the dark fertile soil to flower, we too need all aspects of this human experience to flourish, even the darker moments. Know you are always, Love, loved and worthy <3

Lots of love, 


Through Astrology we receive information on the imprints and potential within every area of life, relationships, career, family life, community, deeper layers of our unconscious and so on. Astrology also offers the ability to track current influences and the possibility to view past events, to gain greater understanding of our life situations.

 With Human Design the original 64 i Ching archetypes, also called hexagrams, became incorporated around the zodiac wheel, through its founder Ra Uru Hu. Through Human Design we gain very detailed practical insights, on how to best navigate our lives, from our unique design. Bringing in a deepened understanding of our energetics at play. Your Human Design body graph which you can view at the top of this page consist of not only your astrological birth chart from the day you where born (the column to the right in your body graph) but also a second astrological chart (the column to the left) from 3 months before you where born and still in your mothers womb. The depth of wisdom about ourselves and this life journey is beyond amazing. 

The 64 Gates also known as Gene Keys (the numbers in the culmns to the left and right and also seen in your body graph) show us mental, emotional and psychological patterns, holding all of your amazing gifts in this lifetime. Revealing our most authentic and empowered self-expression, beyond norms and conditions, a loving and strengthening journey, back home to ourselves <3

If you wish to have a look at your Gene Keys profile, you can do so through the link above. The Gene Keys profile highlight some of our strongest gifts (from the same 64 archetypes viewed in your Human Design body graph above) Here also seen with a shadow, gift and siddhi (highest expression). Relax and enjoy this beautiful mirror of profound parts of your inner landscape. Open up and meet them, meet yourself, with curiosity, presence, love and ease. And just reach out (kaliana@kalianaastrology.com) if you feel called to receive more in depth information and integrative support on your journey of self discovery.